About Us

The Northern Territory Caravan Park Association was formed in the top end of Australia in the early 1980's. In 1974 Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin and the following years saw a town of caravan-living in backyards, underneath the remains of tropical style housing, on rural blocks.

Tourism soon became a growing industry once Darwin was re-opened to the travelling public. It became apparent that the standard of caravan parks that had met the urgent needs of the Darwin people did not suit the requirements of tourists. The Northern Territory Caravan Park Association was voluntarily formed by caravan park operators all with the common view of improving standards and to encompass most of the Northern Territory. It is a professional industry body, well respected by the Northern Territory Government, the Tourism NT and the regional tourism associations. It's aim is to maintain and improve the standard of caravan parks in the Northern Territory and promote and market as an industry body It assists the government with the collection of statistics for the tourism industry.  Caravan Group 13 Report